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The individual information we collect

In order to register make your profile including your personal details, such as your first and last names, contact details, gender, etc. The profile helps you make the most out of our Services, such as helping different experts find you and discovering business opportunities you may be keen on. However, if you don’t need this data to be published, you may leave the profile fields clear or delete the data already given.


chronicletales.com is Responsible for Data Handling, will deal with your own information for the following purposes:

Reaching you through email with respect to updates or data related to features or services and updates.


The provision of chronicletales.com may involve the use of your own information, with your express consent, to make accessible to you personalized advertisements identified with our services, through messages or emails means from us or third-party associates. With the objective of improving our administrations, if it’s not too much trouble to realize that individual information in regards to your buys, preferences may be used by us with the end goal of analysis, customer profiling, quality reviews, and improving communication with our customers.

Who obtains your information

To agree to the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, it may be important to report or delivery your own information to third parties for the following reasons:

Information Protection Rights

As the website Responsible for Data Handling, we are focused on the confidential nature of your own information and guaranteeing the full exercise of these rights. Consistently, you will have the following rights:

Right to access. You reserve the right to confirm whether we are taking care of your own information and, if we are, you reserve the right to get a copy of such information and data regarding the handling.

Right to amend. You have the right to address mistakes, modify inadequate or wrong information, and assure the legitimacy of the data that is being handled.

Right to delete. You have the right to demand the cancellation of your information immediately, If it was being dealt with unfairly or if the conclusion to which it was taken care of or collected has stopped to exist.

Right to limitation of dealing with. You have the right to demand that the suspension of the handling of your data if it is illicit or the information has been contested.

You may visit the organization regulating the privacy of information in your country to claim the protection of your privileges, whenever esteemed necessary.

Information about cookies

We use cookies, small files with data with respect to your route in this browser, mainly to empower a superior user experience. Please read our Cookies Policy to find out about the cookies we use, their purpose, and other useful data.


We will update/modify this Privacy Policy once in a while and as required by lawful, administrative, or operational modifications. We will advise such changes as legally necessary.